Little Things That Make A Big Difference When You’re Campaigning

Whether you're in your first campaign or your tenth, there are many little things you can do to win the votes of your constituents. While your positions on the issues will make a difference and help you get votes, it's just as important to make a personal connection with the people who you hope will vote for you. If the voters don't care for you personally and don't feel warmly toward you, they might lose interest in voting at all, or they may vote for your opponent. Making a personal connection with people is done by using smart body language and by making small, polite gestures.

Look Voters In The Eyes

When speaking to a voter, look them in the eye when they talk. Depending on how big the race is, this could take a lot of practice. The more people who find themselves interested in the race, the more people there will be in the crowds when you're campaigning. The bigger the crowd, the harder it will be to focus on one person.

Nod and Respond

Nodding while listening to people talk shows engagement in their concerns and issues. If possible, give a response tailored for each individual's concern. When you find yourself unsure of what to say or maybe even unsure what's being conveyed, have a list of winning responses that will help put the voter at ease. You may encourage them to make an appointment with you, send you an email or call your office to talk again at a later date, when you have more time to digest what they have to say.

Always Say Thank You

Whether you're addressing a big crowd or one individual at a time, always say thank you to anyone who takes the time to give you input. Whenever possible, send thank you cards after the fact.

And Don't Forget...

Most important of all, remember this simple fact: everyone is a voter. Everyone deserves individualized attention. From wait staff to heads of state, everyone you encounter while campaigning is a voter. And if you're hoping to become a career politician, then you're campaigning all the time. This means that every person you encounter will expect this same treatment. Listen, respond with kindness, and say thank you.

For more advice, for private coaching and tips, contact a political campaign consulting firm. Reaching out to an expert can help ensure that you're able to make a personal connection with your constituents.