Fundraising Ideas For Your Local Campaign

One of the hardest things about running a campaign is getting the funds to purchase all of the stickers, yard signs, and other materials that you can then use to pass out to your supporters in order to increase your overall visibility. Here are some fundraising ideas for your local campaign that might help the process become simpler.

1. Use a Chain Letter

This might seem old fashioned, but if many of your voters are older and used to the mail system, chain letters might be surprisingly effective. To use chain letters, first create a form letter that asks the person who receives the letter to put five dollars in the pre-paid envelope that you've provided and to send the letter onto another supporter. With any luck, many of the people to whom the first wave of supporters send the chain letter will also pass on the letter and donate five dollars. This will create a chain where you should have a steady stream of five dollar bills coming in. For younger voters, include the URL in the letter of your website so that they can donate money online using a credit card or a debit card.

2. Auction Off a Guest Role in Your Television Ad

If you are running a local campaign, you might not have the funds to put an add on television. This could be frustrating because you might feel like you would get more attention on screen. In order to afford to purchase a television ad, simply advertise to all of your supporters that you are doing an ad and need someone to be in the ad with you. Auction off the chance to be in this ad and give the spot to the person who donates the most money. Then, work that person into your ad, such as having him or her say a few positive words about you. This will help get you more exposure as well as make you seem more down to earth because you have a normal, non-politician in your ad.

3. Make Your Website Exciting

Finally, make sure that your website is up-to-date and exciting. If your website is not up-to-date, have a web developer and designer get your website looking as sharp as possible while keeping your old website up. Advertise through social media channels about the unveiling of your new website and set a public fundraising goal for the unveiling. Promote this goal as much as possible to try to create a money-bomb that you can use to generate a great deal of money in a single day. When you do unveil the website and start fundraising, make sure that you have additional server space in order to handle the larger-than-normal flow of traffic.

For more information, talk to a political consulting company like The Action Company