Getting To Know Someone Through Handwriting Analysis

In a world where typed and electronic documents are far more prevalent than handwritten notes, having the ability to accurately interpret handwriting is a valuable skill. Law enforcement agencies and corporate recruiters often use handwriting analysis to help make assumptions about an individual. According to experts, handwriting has the potential to reveal up to 5,000 personality traits.

Here are some simple things that you can look for in a person's handwriting to help make determinations about their personality.

1. Legibility of a person's signature

Looking at a person's signature can reveal clues about their personality. One factor that should be used when examining signatures is the legibility of the lettering. If the signature is difficult to read, this may suggest that the individual is private and might be difficult to understand.

Legible signatures are often attached to individuals who are open in their expression and allow others to become close to them with relative ease. By looking at the legibility of an individual's signature, you may be able to gain valuable clues about their personality that will help you more effectively interact with him or her in the future.

2. Spacing of the letters in each word

When examining handwriting for clues regarding an individual's personality traits, it can be beneficial to take a close look at the amount of space that is left between each letter in a single word.

According to experts in the field of graphology (those who scientifically study handwriting), an individual who prints the letters of each word in close proximity to one another may have a tendency to be intrusive or crowd others in social situations. Individuals who don't cram letters together when writing words down on paper may have a better appreciation for personal space.

3. Variance in text styles

Handwriting analysis can be used to determine if the information an individual is presenting might be a lie. When the appearance of a word or sentence varies from the appearance of the rest of the text written by a certain individual, this variance suggests that the information may be false. Understanding the role that variance plays in determining honest can help you evaluate business contracts and resumes for potential falsehoods in the future.

Having the ability to learn about an individual's personality using their handwriting can be a fun way to streamline social interactions. Begin your handwriting analysis with a closer look at the legibility of a signature, the spacing between letters in each word, and any variance that exists in the appearance of the text. Contacting a handwriting expert like David Liebman could further help you analyze someone's writing.