Three Things To Know When Applying To College Of Dupage

If you are interested in continuing your education at higher levels, college admission is the way to go. As you begin your college hunt, make sure that the College of Dupage is on your list. This community college is located in Glen Ellyn, IL, and has a base of 29,000 students. To learn more about this college, its programs and what you should know about enrollment, read these words of advice below. 

#1: Figure out what kind of program of study you want to engage in

The College of Dupage has a number of areas of study that you can participate in. For this reason, you need to begin doing some research into the programs that they offer to figure out what you think suits you best. Some areas of study that you can take part in when enrolled at this college include accounting, business, nursing, art, language and music. Make sure that you take out a copy of the course catalog, in order to see any degree or certificate tracks available -- in addition to individual classes that will teach you marketable skills that you can carry with you into the professional workforce.

#2: Visit advisors and tour the campus

If you would like to enroll in classes at this college, it is best that you visit the campus to get a feel for their offerings. While here, you should speak to advisors in your program of interest and also sit in on some classes. This will allow you to see exactly what you will experience once you become a student at the college. You will also be able to visit the admissions office in order to see what is required of you to enroll. These courses cost $135 per credit hour, so plan your course load out accordingly.

#3: Seek financial help whenever applicable

It is important that you seek financial aid opportunities to offset the cost of tuition. You will need to fill out a financial aid form in order to be eligible for any sort of assistance. This includes government grants, student loans and scholarships. There are a lot of scholarships that you should look into applying for, as offered based on your skills, demographics, areas of expertise and other matters. In many situations, you can get scholarships simply by writing an essay.

Consider these tips so that you are able to make the most of your educational opportunities. For more information, talk to a professional like Katharine Hamilton.