Fundraising Ideas For Your Local Campaign

One of the hardest things about running a campaign is getting the funds to purchase all of the stickers, yard signs, and other materials that you can then use to pass out to your supporters in order to increase your overall visibility. Here are some fundraising ideas for your local campaign that might help the process become simpler. 1. Use a Chain Letter This might seem old fashioned, but if many of your voters are older and used to the mail system, chain letters might be surprisingly effective. Read More 

Little Things That Make A Big Difference When You’re Campaigning

Whether you're in your first campaign or your tenth, there are many little things you can do to win the votes of your constituents. While your positions on the issues will make a difference and help you get votes, it's just as important to make a personal connection with the people who you hope will vote for you. If the voters don't care for you personally and don't feel warmly toward you, they might lose interest in voting at all, or they may vote for your opponent. Read More